“The option that relieves the burden from your family”

One of the most loving, caring things that an individual can do is leave behind details and information in regards to Pre-Arranging. If you feel it is too hard to discuss funeral arrangements at this time just think how difficult it would be for your loved ones at a time of loss.

Advantages of Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

  • Pre-Arranging will express your wishes.
  • Pre-Arranging relieves your family from making difficult decisions at an emotional time.
  • Pre-Arranging will give you and your family the security and satisfaction knowing that most or all of the arrangements have been planned and paid for.

Death is never a comfortable subject under any circumstances. As a result, many of us put off planning ahead, even though it will spare our family the burden of an unplanned funeral. There are many questions to be answered. What type of services? What clothing to wear? What type of casket? How much to spend? Aside from the emotional strain, there are financial considerations. With changes in social benefits, rising inflation, and taxes, it is more important than ever to make the right financial decisions.

Your Funeral director is the best resource you have to answer questions regarding the details of your prearrangement. In his role as counselor and advisor, you can trust that he will assist you with sensitivity, as you consider the decisions that you need to make regarding your services. At Vermeulen Funeral Home, we are ready to help you, and we are well instructed in the latest products and services available to provide a custom-arranged funeral. By prearranging, you spare your loved ones the cost and responsibility of making those difficult decisions.

Once you have made the decision to prearrange your funeral, it is important to tell your family. Share with them what you have done and why it is important. Give a trusted member of your family a copy of all documents and the prepaid funeral contract. The funeral director will deposit the money that you use to fund the services into an escrow account for your benefit. The funds in your escrow account will be placed at Bank One, where it will remain until the time of your death. You should instruct your family that at the time of your death, they need simply notify Vermeulen Funeral Home. We will make all of the arrangements to provide the service that you have directed.

“Peace of mind comes from knowing that you have saved your family from unnecessary emotional and financial worries by planning ahead.”

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